Vincent Rapa - BSE Consultants
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Vincent Rapa

Director, Lead Electrical Engineer
We have managed to develop a company culture which provides an exciting experience for each project. Every team member is focused to deliver high quality and efficient design. The detailed coordination with other expertise in designing projects holistically ensures a successful and timely completion of projects within the budgets agreed with the Clients

Position within BSE:

Director, Lead Electrical Engineer

+356 21410677

Main responsibilities

Building Services Engineering, Project Coordination, Commissioning and Certification with over 10 years experience.


Vincent graduated with Honours in Engineering from the University of Malta in 2007. He obtained the Engineering Warrant in 2010.

Vincent is also a registered Energy Performance Assessor for Dwellings and Commercial Buildings in Malta, a certified Photovoltaic Inspector and a Registered Certified Energy Auditor as per GN 1302 of 2014 (as amended by GN 87 of 2015) of Malta based on ISO 50002.

In 2007, Vincent was awarded the Ericsson Award of Excellence.


Vincent is a founding Director of BSE Consultants Ltd. His expertise includes the design of MEP building services for a wide range of Educational, Residential and Commercial projects from concept through to completion. Such experience has been achieved from projects both in Malta and abroad.