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Planning & Reports

What is it?

Planning and Reports are some of the key services we offer in relation to ongoing planning applications and installation to local authorities. These include services such as:

  • Fire Safety and Ventilation Reports
  • Lighting and Ventilation Reports
  • Energy usage Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (MEP Services)
  • Electrical Load Assessment Reports
  • Noise Emission Reports

The above are essentially reports required during ongoing planning applications by architects for both new build and renovation projects.

Why do you need it?

These reports are normally requested at Planning Stage of the individual project. These are considered as preliminary reports of assessments of the buildings for the Planning Authority and the relevant building related Directorates to assess the proposed project and eventually issue clearance.

What BSE bring to the table

BSE Engineers have the knowledge and expertise to review the planning proposals and prepare the relevant reports as may be requested, depending upon the nature of the application.

Service suitable for: Commercial, Industrial, and Residential buildings